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Pizza is my Business: Knit Pizza Dog

A few days ago, I told Matt Fraction I was making a Pizza Dog.

Here I am, Sharing My Results! I used the Pattern from "Best in Show" for the Jack Russell, and modified it. I wanted a more challenging pattern than just a blob with a dog face on it.

Boy did I get what I wanted. I must have ripped the head portion out 10 times. The pattern is….Complicated, and needs more instruction. It definitely needs diagrams on sewing it up. I muddled through it and the seams look pretty terrible. Next time I’m going to use one of the Ravelry Mods for working it without seams.

Its not perfect. Its wonky and lopsided, but hey, like they say in Night Vale, “No pet is perfect until you learn to love it for what it is.” And seeing how lucky was hit by a car in the first book, maybe its ok that he’s a little odd.

Mr. Fraction asked how you do it. Here’s some pictures.

You start with the legs, all knit separately. The safety pins and purple thread are holding live stitches that you use to join the pieces together later. Two are folded over where they will be stitched closes, and two are open like how they were on the needles.

The legs are then joined, and then you work the body of the dog. Thread and Pins are holding live stitches for the head and tail.

Head and tail are knit, joining the sides together. Then you sew that back seam closed during stuffing. Sew up the legs and tail. That long piece is what you used to sew the underside of the dog together. There are also ears, and the collar all finished. At this point I embroidered the eyes (remember Lucky is missing one, so it looks like he’s winking) and attached the ears. I prefer to do it now instead of waiting till after it’s sewn up. Embroider Nose after it’s sewn, because of the underside gusset.

Stuff judiciously! and I used some pipe cleaners in the legs to help him stand up correctly.

Add Pizza. And you’re done.

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